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Amalalay was started in the year 1984 when the sisters from Madh Island extended their outreach to Malwani slum where large number of unorganized sector lived. Population here consists of rag pickers and displaced people from different States like Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh who come in search of job. The crowd living in the slum is increasing and has reached beyond its capacity. People face scarcity of water and the living condition of the people is pathetic.


From 1986 sisters continue their service coming up down from Andheri. The community established in the year 2000 and sisters started living in Malwani. The centre is known as Mahila Bal Vikas Kendra (centre Women and Children Development) with aim of empowering the women especially on Socio-economic development and community animation. The objective of the component is to inculcate the habit of saving in the urban poor and also make available easy small loan to the group members in time of emergency/urgent need.


Besides the community centre we have a centre for coaching classes for poor children of Malwani slum and also for children of rag pickers.




Organized Women’s groups

Saving schemes

Self Help Groups

Distribution of fruits and snacks to the children

Awareness programs for Children, Women, Widows, Senior citizens, physically challenged persons

Youth group and career guidance

Assistance to widows




Supplementary classes for children & rag picker’s children

Educational assistance for the poor children

Computer classes



Conducted for Young girls and women to empower them. On completion they are given certificate and sewing machine



Soc. of the Helpers of Mary

Amalalay, 3/20

M.H.B. Colony

D.G. Nagar, Gate No. 8

Malwani - Malad (W)

Mumbai 400 095

Telephone No. 022/28443674


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