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In 1970 Fr. Leslie Miranda Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier Church Kanjur Marg, which is situated in the north of Mumbai invited Helpers of Mary to work among the poor and needy in the villages and slums. In the initial days the sisters traveled daily from Andheri to visit the people and care for their needs. Later a small room was offered to the sisters at Kanjur Marg.

Presently sisters are involved in Educational and Social. They run Day care centre and coaching classes for poor children. Regular family visits are done in the area.



Women’s Groups

Capacity Building programs on Gender sensitivity, Children’s Development,

Leadership program, Session for parents of Nursery children.




Play Schools

Career Guidance for boys and girls

Educational Aid for poor children especially for professional Training and school stationary

Awareness building programs to promote rights and duties of children

Awareness program on current issues such as Health and Hygiene & Gender sensitivity



Isha Prem

Kanjur Village,

Kanjur (E)

Mumbai – 400 042

Contact Tel. No. (022)25783366


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