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In this time of difficulties not only prayer alone but goodwill and solidarity to our suffering and struggling brothers and sisters is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind the sisters of the Helpers of Mary, almost all the communities (69) initiated to reach out to the needy persons and families with generous heart, in spite of its risks and dangers for one’s existence.

The distribution was carried out maintaining the social norms and rules of the social distancing laid down by the government. The aids were distributed with the assistance of the local authorities, police and volunteers of the respective places.

We distributed food essentials, vegetables, masks and sanitizers to slum dwellers, migrants, vegetable vendors, daily-wage earners, widows, handicapped, poor families, housemaids, farmers, unskilled labourers on construction sites, roadside vendors  etc. Besides we supported the poor families with financial assistance for medicine and other emergencies. So far we have reached out to more than 50000 needy families. 

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