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This is the first overseas centre of the Society that came in to existence in the year 1999. Ethiopia listed at the bottom among the least developed countries is struggling to feed its starving millions. Situated 650 km from Addis Ababa-the capital city of Ethiopia, Sakko is a remote village with deep valleys, lush green and poor peasants with large families. People do farming away from their homesteads. They belong to Oromo - a nomadic tribe, now learning to settle themselves. The national Language is Ahmaric and the local language is Oromiffa with Latin script, which is the native language of ¾th of Ethiopians. An ancient country of glorious past and King Menelik being the son of Queen of Sheba and King Soloman was the 1st King of Ethiopia. It follows Julian calendar and has 13 months in a year. It is 12 months of 30 days and a 13th month consisting of 5/6 days.


Women’s group,

Youth groups,

Conducting animation and leadership training Programme,

Training young girls in crafts and specialized for banana art cards.




Health education,


T.B., Leprosy,

 Natural family planning,

Laboratory services,

Awareness program on HIV/AIDS

Eradication program on Polio, goiter and elephantiasis etc.



2 elementary school from K G - 6th grade besides education coordination program
and adult education program.



Sakko Catholic Church

P. B. No. 15

Dembidollo, West Wollega,

Ethiopia, AFRICA


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