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It had started in the year 1975. The main activities of the centre is Medical, social and educational.

Grihini School is one of the special ministries of this centre. Every year an average of 35 students take benefit of this program. The young girls of the age group of 14 to 18, who are not gone to the regular school or school drop outs take this opportunity for their progress. Here we teach them to read and write, organize classes on stitching and sewing skills, craft work, gardening, cooking, housekeeping, basic in computer and develop talents through competitions. Upon completion of the course they are given certificate.  This enables them to face society with confidence and give opportunity to live a dignified life and manage their home efficiently.



The past 38 years over two lacs people experienced healing through medical activities. A great number of Snake bites and other bites cases are treated in the dispensary.

Regular camps like eye camps, general health checkup camps, and disabled checkup camps are conducted and cataract operations are also arranged.



Awareness programs


Self-help groups

Youth group

Women’s group

Leadership training

Celebrations are facilitated to strengthen the unity and to have the feeling of world as one family.



Tailoring classes

Home Science (Grihini Program) for school dropout girls and young women



Mariam Seva Ashram

Jignara, P.O. Ratsar

Dt. Ballia, U.P. – 277 123

Contact No. 05498/256373

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