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Premankur was established in the year 1996 which was surrounded with tea-garden. It aims at caring for the tea-garden workers for their integrated development through education, social and medical activities. This centre runs a residential care home for school going poor children. Besides regular schools they  are also taught Indian dance and music, computer, yoga and encouraged to develop different inborn talents through competitions.  Festivals and national and international days are also celebrated to have love and respect for one another.



Sisters are also working with the women organizing awareness programs, forming different groups for the development of their family and tea garden as well as to get their rights.



Balwadies(Kinder Garten)

Supportive classes for school children

Support to young poor girls take up Skill training like Paramedical



Mobile clinic


Support to poor patients




Helpers of Mary

Dt. Jalpaiguri, Madarihat

West Bengal – 735 220

Contact No. 03563/262303

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