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Ghughri is a block that belongs to Mandla District. Being strategic centre for the trading, few business people came to the village from different parts of the district and bought land and settled down. On September 12th 1998 in the centre came into existence with the purpose of supporting poor people living in interior villages of Mandla through educational, social and medical activities.



Supporting the education of the poor children.



Facilitate various celebrations

Republic day celebration

Independence Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day Celebration

Rangoli Competition

Diwali Celebration

Special transforming activities in the Mandla Prison - Women’s Day, Holi Celebrations are organized with the inmates of Mandla Prison involving them to participate in awareness songs, dances and games.



Medical aid is another important area that offers service to the people through our dispensary.

Awareness programs on health and hygiene and various common diseases.

Health Education is given through Govt. school on various topics - eco friendliness, balanced diet, teenage problems, sex education and important of education.

Conduct regular Medical check-up




Soc. of the Helpers of Mary

P. O. Ghughri

Dt. Mandla,

M.P. – 481 663

Contact No. 07647/237036

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