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Primal Jyoti began in the year 1990 in the heart of Varanasi city. The sisters are involved in the educational and social activities. The centre run non-formal school for slum dwellers. These children are of the rag pickers who are less interested in education.  Here there were migrants from Bengal who are engaged in the cycle rickshaw pulling. The purpose of this school is to encourage children to attend school, give value education, cleanliness and encourage to continue the higher education in the regular schools.

The centre works to bring unity through the celebrations of different national days thus children have love and respect for the country as citizens and build in the patriotic spirit in them.  Children are encouraged to develop their inborn talents through different competition and cultural programs.  Teachers are given new methods and skills to handle children and to educate them in an interesting way.   Regular exams are held to evaluate the performance and development. In order to have better rapport, regular meetings are organized to involve parents to make them responsible for their development of their children.



Educational support to poor school going children

Socio-economic development program for women

Self Help Groups groups

Organize seminar on general health and legal matters for the women.



Premal Jyoti

Helpers of Mary

C/o. Bishop’s House

45, Varanasi Cantt.

U. P.  221 002

Contact No. 0542/2221739

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