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Matruchaya - was opened to care for the several villages around Sindhudhurg district in the year 1988. Matru Chaya means Shadow of mother. Motherly care was offered to the poor people who were not reached by any socio developmental agencies for more than 150 years. Situated on the border of Maharashtra and Goa, Vengurla is an old harbor city harboring many poor people to whom the sisters of the Helpers of Mary continue to reach out.

Vengurla is totally a rural area where most of the places are covered with mountains and the transportation is very difficult to reach out to the remotest of places where people live with scarcity of things.  Their main occupation is fishing and agriculture. Very few people own their land and majority are working under the landlords and earn their living.  The people in this area face lot of problem due to failure of crops.  Even fishing is seasonal, due to big trolleys; they get less fish in small boats, which is not sufficient for their survival.  All these leads of unemployment, which has created, further problem like antisocial activities.  Unfortunately in the entire community the women and children are the most neglected in the society.  Majority have just completed primary and only of late the children are being educated and are unemployed or have to proceed towards the cities like Mumbai, Pune and

Goa for employment.




Women’s group

Saving Schemes

Awareness program on current issues

Self-help groups

Legal aid facilities

Family counseling

Village development programs

Capacity building programs: Leadership training, forming Self Help Groups, Orientation to new groups, Accounting, Legal aid, Women’s rights, Income Generation Activities, Marketing & finance



Community health training program

AIDS awareness



Educational aid for poor children

English Speaking Course

Play School



Matru Chaya

139 Bhatwadi


Dt. Sindudurg - 416 516



Tel. No. 0091 (0)2366 262242


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