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On 31st Oct 1986 the journey of the Helpers of Mary at Shanti Dhama Gundoli began, to reach out to the marginalized section of Siddi. They lived in the dense forest of Haliyal Taluka. The siddies are large in numbers in this area. They were living in very pathetic and unhygienic condition so helpers of Mary took daring step to help these poor people to bring awareness in them. Sisters reached out through social, medical and educational activities giving moral values, instructed them on health and hygiene. Meanwhile our sisters observed that the children were not going to school due to lack of transport facilities so they began residential Care home in June 1989 and it is continued till today.

The Dispensary is well known for snake bite treatment and treating all sorts of septic wounds under Sterile procedures. From far and wide the patients come here knowing well sure to get cure. Along with allopathic treatment this centre also provides herbal treatment which leads for speedy recovery and less expense for the patients.

Sisters are involved in social work, with the help of K.D.D.C formed various groups such as women’s groups, Self Help Groups, youth group, children’s  group etc. through the constant awareness, guidance and leadership  of sisters. Today they able to stand in the society with dignity and fight for their rights and rejoice over their strengths and potentialities.



  • Women’s group

  • Saving schemes

  • Self Help Groups

  • Legal Aid awareness

  • Empowerment of women

  • Networking with Go & NGO’s




Mobile clinics

Cataract surgery through eye camps

Dental camps

Health awareness to school children

Women’s groups’ health checkup

Talk on Anatomy for the young girls



Residential Care home for poor children



Shanti Dhama

P.O. Gundoli

Haliyal Taluka

Uttar Karnataka. – 581 329

Contact No. 08284-267127


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