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Anand Vihar is one of the centre of the congregation of the Society of the Helpers of Mary situated at Tilaknagar, Shrirampur Taluka, Ahmednagar District in the State of Maharashtra. Tilaknagar is 6 kilometers away from Shrirampur Town. We reach out to 19 villages through various developmental programs, like Women’s group, children’s groups, tailoring classes, embroidery classes, self-help groups and non-formal education.


Marriages take place very early in the caste communities. This results in growing incompatibility between partners with men having promiscuous relationship and illness. Unable to withstand the mental torture the women divorce. There are also innumerable instances of abortion due to illicit relationships. There is breakdown of the family values and the family system that needs to be addressed. One of the major problems is the low status of the women. Women are exploited at all fronts, be at home or at work place. The low status of women can be attributed to the following factors: prevalence of a patriarchal ideology, denial of right to education and a conservative attitude. The early marriage is seen as the major cause of increasing infant mortality. This is further aggravated due to lack of proper health services. The lack of family education can also be attributed to as a one cause for the practice of early marriages. High rates of alcoholism results in women being made victims of domestic violence and divorce. Inadequate food and malnutrition is common. The one most affected are women who are anaemic and children who are underfed.  So we feel the greater need of educate children in our home.



Anand Vihar has a care home for school going poor girls. These children come from very interior villages. They attend nearby school. Various opportunities are provided to the children to develop their talents like singing, dancing, reading, capacitating with leadership qualities etc. Besides professional training like Nursing they attend vocational training like computer classes to open a prosperous future.

Presently Anand Vihar has 45 children coming from poor, semi/orphan families studying in the 1st to 10th standard whose all-round needs are taken care and enabling them to rehabilitate to the outside world unhesitatingly. Children live a happy and healthy life and with the services of committed sisters and helpers. The children are kept busy with studies, playing, recreation, tuitions and useful readings.  During holidays the children are trained in home science like needlework, gardening, cooking thus to enable them to manage their family effectively.

One of the salient features of Anand Vihar has been its secular policy –welcoming children from all walks of life and religions. The children follow a general prayer and lead a disciplined life.  Occasionally they also perform musicals and one act plays thus tapping their talents and instilling confidence in them. Looking at their growth we are delighted to note that children if they work hard, they can have no boundaries and can soar as far as their imagination and labor can take them.

Apart from all the extracurricular activities that children are engaged in, fostering love and unity among themselves is also a vital task for us.  Celebration of various feasts like, Diwali, Christmas, republic day celebrations etc. are done with usual solemnities. Thus children learn to accept and to love one another- a quality which we need today more than ever

Our main Goal is to organize, empower, educate young girls and bring them to mainstream of the society so that they can have bright future.



Women’s groups

Saving schemes

Small Income Generating Programs like Goat, cows, buffaloes rearing, preparing pickles, Bangles Shops, selling Vegetables etc.

Old age and widow pension




Government Scheme

Agricultural information

Exposure program

Street plays

Income Generating



International Women’s day

World Environmental day

Girl child day

Independence day & Republic Day


Children’s day

Girl child day

Parents’ day



Awareness on Health and hygiene

AIDS/HIV Prevention & Control Program in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, at District level

Follow of Project AIDS/HIV Prevention & Control Program that enhanced Awareness, Social Mobilization and Conscientization and continue to work with different target groups such as High School Children, College Youth, Village Men and Women Groups, High Risk Groups, Road-side restaurant workers, commercial sex workers etc. as the past 3 years project ended with good results and thousands benefited through the above mentioned Project.

The project activities and programs worked in the spirit of mutual support, supplement and collaboration with the District Administration especially the District Health Office based at Ahmednagar and Maharashtra AIDS Control Society.  The project programs implemented in a phased manner in the 14 Blocks/Talukas of the District, the first and second years it covered 6 Blocks and the 3rd year covering 5 Blocks.



Supplementary coaching classes for students

Awareness building programs to promote rights and duties of children

Exposure program

Career guidance

Animating youth especially girls through training and formation of groups

Awareness program on current issues – Topics

  • Sex education

  • Child Marriage

  • Rape

  • Importance of girls and their education



Anand Vihar

P.O. Tilaknagar

Tal. Shrirampur

Dt. Ahmednagar – 413 720


Telephone No. 02422/265275


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