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The Balwatika hostel for tribal girls of Dadra and Nagar Haveli began on 22nd March 1990. The Institution was formerly belonged to Franciscan Brothers who worked in this area, made a remarkable impression to this area, the place is named as Padre Falio. The Franciscan handed this institution to the Society of the Helpers of Mary. The dispensary catered the health aspects and the nursery promoted the education aspect in the area.


A large house with a plot boosted to start a home for the adivasi girls of Dadra. Balwatika girls’ home accommodates exclusively the adivasi children from far flung villages of the Union Territory of Dadra and Hagar Haveli. These girls are hailing from distant areas away from the town and where schools and educational facilities lack. Presently there are 160 adivasi children (girls) from class 1st to 12th.

The aim of the institution is that the adivasi girls of Dadra and Nagar Haveli be:

  • Literate

  • Employed, self-reliant and become responsible citizens of the society


  • Academic literacy

  • Educate them through awareness sessions and value education programs

  • Assist them to tap their own talents through exposure and guidance

  • Lend a hand to grow into integrity and maturity

  • Train them to be pragmatic (to be practical results oriented) to integrate them with their cultural patterns of manual work as of value to the individuals prospects

  • Encourage and support them with professional and vocational training such as nursing, computer classes etc.



  • Balwatika gives a platform for their academic studies by appointing special teachers.

  • Educating children does not limit to the academic performances but they are given opportunities to learn Indian cultural dance, singing, Yoga, exercise & meditation to maintain good health & develop their memory power. They are also participate in indoor & outdoor games which enhance their physical wellbeing.

  • They are given training in leadership through educational exposure tour, in the practical field in the institution while organizing entertainment program and mutual works.

  • A systematically planned out program on value education is aimed at exposing them to grow and become responsible citizens of the society in the Global village.



Balwatika Society of the Helpers of Mary

Girls Hostel

Dadra P.O.

Via Vapi

Union Territory – 396 191

Tel No. (0260) 2668273


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