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Bhuigaon is a village in Bassein. The sisters who were working in Nirmal, began visiting Bhuigaon from 1968 and often they were requested by Fr. Francis to set up independent centre in Bhuigaon to cater to the needs of the poor people.

The people were very simple farmers, living on the daily income from the sale of Buffaloes milk, vegetables etc. They were also illiterate and were in need of constant support, guidance and medical assistant. To meet these demands Jalpushpa was built in 1978 with the help of the people of the area and friends. There was also a dispensary to cater to the medical needs of the people.

As per the needs of time, sisters   are actively involved in social, non-formal education and vocational training for the poor children.

Social: community organization for women, youth and children. Village development programme, Handicraft centre for physically disabled.

Capacity building programs:

  • Training on protection of women

  • Training on rights of the senior citizens

  • Children’s rights

  • Legal literacy programs

  • Visit  to prisons

  • Social Awareness programs



Organizing Health Education in the villages and conducting medical camps



Balwadi (nursery), Computer classes, career guidance for youth.


Vocational Training

Tailoring, English speaking, Beautician, Cursive handwriting, Drawing

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