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Korlai is a beautiful village, surrounded with hills on one side and sea on the other in Raigad District of Maharashtra. About three thousand people live in Korlai village. The people of Korlai are simple fisher folk and farmers with a very small section of the people working in the neighboring industries or with the State government. The people of Korlai speak Marathi and Portuguese. The village also houses a large number of tribal who are in the state of severe poverty. Most of them are illiterate and do not have a regular source of income. They either work as laborers in their own land or migrate to nearby town or city in search of job. They work in the farms of the rich people, look after the mango plantation, go in search of wood in the forest and take up many such odd jobs.


On 21st December 1973 His Eminence Cardinal Simon Pimenta invited sisters to work in Korlai village. In the beginning, the sisters lived with a family and visited the villages and gave medical support. Sisters started living there without the basic facilities and acute water crisis. Living among the people experiencing the poverty of the people and continued to render their service.  The sisters opened a dispensary where they catered to medical needs and also involved themselves in Social Welfare activities through Women’s Associations, self-help groups, income generation program for women like grinding mill, candle making, buying whole sell household goods and selling in retail. Sisters also support in constructing simple houses for Adivasis and the needy people.



Right to food security

Rally on atrocities on women

Village development Programs

Handicrafts centres for women and children



Sisters take active part in Parish activities like preparation of liturgical services, Catechism classes for children, preparing the candidates for sacraments, parish council Meetings, small Christian communities, Youth groups, Legion of Mary, Women’s Sodality, property committee, altar servers, choir group, visiting families.



Tailoring classes

Nursery, supplementary classes for poor children, classes for dropouts

Coaching classes for Tribals

Adult literacy classes for tribal girls and boys




Health camps

Health awareness programs

Herbal medicines

Community Health Training



Krupa Niwas

P.O. Korlai

Via Revanda, T.Q. Murud,

Dt. Raigad – 402 202

Telephone No.02144/284181


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