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Mariam Seva Sadan came into existence in the Adivasi belt of Dadra and Nagar Haveli in the year 1970. Situated on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat the area is dominated by the Adivasis consisting of various clusters of tribes such as Varlies, Kokanas and Dodia. The people are poor farmers and due to Poor economic conditions in the family, the children are forced to work in the early age in order to support the family. In 1970 the Helpers of Mary were invited to work in Dapada in the Union Territory to uplift the poor and downtrodden Adivasis by Fr. Joseph Menezes belonging to the Pilar Society. In 1972 the Pilar Fathers offered a plot of land for the sisters’ resident and to construct a Care home for the adivasi children. Once the house was built, the sisters utilized one of their room as a Dispensary to meet the medical needs of the people. Later a separate Dispensary, a Maternity Ward & a General Ward with seven beds were built in premises.



This Home educate the children and transform their poor living standard as they come from the area which is backward, lack of transport and educational facilities and the parents are too poor to provide the necessary education.



Maria Seva Sadan

P.O. Dapada, Via Rakholi

Nagar Haveli – 396 240

Union Territory

Tel. No. 0091 (0)260/2699133

Email -

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