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Prem Sadan, Madh Island is a branch of the Society of the Helpers of Mary, Andheri (W), Mumbai. Prem Sadan has been actively involved in the development of the community in Madh Island through diverse programs, responding to the need of the changing times, ever since its inception in 1963.  It shares the common vision of the congregation which is ‘A society where the values of compassion, equality, justice and harmony flourish and everyone experience the fullness of life’. Its mission is envisaged as ‘Reaching out to the powerless and the voiceless, especially women and children and empowering them’.

Over the years, the role of Prem Sadan have had undergone changes, slowly building on the need of the disadvantaged communities it caters to. At present Prem Sadan focuses on:-

  • Community based interventions/family visits among the residents of Madh Island.

  • Residential Care Home, giving shelter and growth opportunities to girl children in the age group of 6 - 18.




Prem Sadan in Madh Island was initiated in the year 1963 to reach out to the socio-economically backward classes of the area. In its initial years, family visits played a major role, with the sisters extending the support and also charity in forms of food and medicines etc. to the poor, old, widows and other needy families. As time passed, various activities were initiated as per the need of the local people which included:-

  • Dispensary with facility for safe delivery, since there were no hospitals in the area and transportation to the nearest hospital was difficult.

  • Balwadis for the children, especially of the fisher folk who never had any tradition of sending children to school.

  • Tailoring for the women and girl children, enabling them to earn additional income.

  • Adult literacy for the women and girls in the basic of reading, writing and arithmetic and to sign.

All these activities were later discontinued since other service providers reached the area. The nursery was handed over to the parish and it has grown to become the only English medium school in the area.

Simultaneously, Prem Sadan developed slowly into a full- fledged home for the girl children who are orphan, semi-orphan, poor and needy, starting with the sisters rescuing an abandoned new born girl found on the beach in 1970. At present it is a well-recognized institution and Prem Sadan is known generally as the Home for Girl Children.


On the 26th Jan. 2014 Prem Sadan celebrated its 50th anniversary, 50 golden years of hope, love and humble service.



  • Prem Sadan provides residential care to 75 girls from the age of 6 to 18 years

  • Formal education in reputed schools

  • Opportunities to develop their skills and talents for Indian dance, music, yoga, meditation, gardening and cooking.

  • Provide Vocational Training.

  • Happy and successful integration into society


  • To provide a home for orphans, semi-orphans, poor and needy children irrespective of caste, creed or religion

  • To meet the basic needs of children

  • To promote all round development through education and co-curricular activities

  • To enable girls to rehabilitate themselves successfully to the world through career courses




We strive to make sure that each child receives love and attention that they deserve. We endeavour to make sure that our home feel more like a home, children are given plenty of freedom; room to grow and express themselves as individuals, artists, musicians, gardeners or just as kids! We have small play ground where children can be found playing throughout the day. Craft activities, games, painting, cleaning and cooking are a part of day-to-day life here for kids. In the study hall we have a library of books that the kids read in their free time.


All the children attend school where they receive good education. Coaching classes (2-3 hours) are held in the home besides their regular school/college. We help them with homework, project and assignments and ensure academic progress. Teach Computer skills, musical instruments and arts and crafts.




On the 23rd of Jan. 2013 was another occasion for all of us to rejoice when Prem Sadan Children’s Home selected one of the best home for its voluntary social service for the poor and needy children by Shrimati Shashikala Education and Research centre.  Rs. 20,000/- cash award and a Silver plate was awarded to us during the award function at Mahakavi Kalidas Auditorium, Mulund, Mumbai.  During the function they appreciated for the selfless service rendered by the sisters of the Society of the Helpers of Mary.



Prem Sadan

Madh Island

Near Madh Church

P.O. Versova

Mumbai – 400 061

Telephone No. 0091 (0) 22 28812812/ 28813946 Mob. 9167518403


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