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Prem Seva (Loving Service), had its humble origin amidst the slums of Vakola Santacruz East, Mumbai in the year 1972. Identifying themselves with the misery and suffering of the needy inhabitants, the sisters of the Helpers of Mary took up residence in D’Mello compound. A single room inhuman surroundings the sisters undertook activities involved attending to the slum dwellers to their needs such as scarcity of water, sanitation difficulties, ration problems, training children living in the slum, running a nursery, organizing tailoring classes and conducting adult literacy classes.



Activities for Children

The children come from a very poor situation. Poverty at home does not give a good scope for better education. To bring development in the area we organize supportive classes for the student upto 10th. There are 300 children who regularly attend informal school in Prem Seva Gyan Mandir. These students are given snacks every day. The supportive classes enable them to score good result and progress in their future.



People who have migrated from different parts of India in search of job, to survive one needs to have income. There are people who cannot afford to live in this challenging situation without money. They struggle to survive. Most groups who suffer are





Rag pickers


Senior citizens



Human Right day

No Tobacco Day

Environment day


Women’s Day

Republic Day

These celebrations strengthens unity, increases bond among people of different religion. It promotes harmony and transforms the society to live as brothers and sisters.




The centre run a nursery for poor children.


Day care centre

It gives the opportunity to parents to work and earn their daily bread. When parents are at work, the children are kept in our centre, which is safe, and all the needs of the little children are met. Teachers are employed to take care of them.


Conducting various competitions

Competitions are organized for the children to help them to take initiative to develop knowledge, to cultivate talents, to strengthen their self-confidence, their self-esteem, develop leadership qualities through games like hopping, skipping, drawing, painting, spoon and marble, elocution etc. To encourage, arrangements are made to distribute prizes for the winners.


Educational support

Support 200 poor children with books, uniforms, school stationary, school fees and other essential requirements for education.


Computer literacy

Today the world is progressing with computer knowledge and technology. To enter in the techno world, the children are trained to have basic knowledge in computers.


Tailoring classes

Every year 70 women including young school dropout girls learn tailoring. 2 teachers are employed to train these students. This training helps women and young girls to earn their income and live a dignified life. It empowers them to have purchasing power in their hand and add income to their families. This is a progressing profession as the women stitch clothes of the family members, take orders from outside or go to garment factory to earn.


Awareness building programs - To promote rights and duties of children

Awareness program on current issues - Gender Equality and Women’s rights.



Health camps

The children coming to the nursery, supportive classes are prune to different ailments as they reside in an unhygienic condition with lack of proper nutritional food. They suffer from cough, cold, fever, malnutrition and easier to get infected with contagious diseases specially tuberculosis.  They live in congested rooms where the environment is polluted. Therefore regular medical checkups are carried out in the centre to prevent them from ailments. They are directed to hospitals if required further investigation and given medicines.



Due to poverty the Widows, HIV, and Tuberculosis patients are unable to purchase medicines. They are given help to buy medicines to relief them from pain and suffering. Foodstuff is given to the patients to improve their health and gain back their strength and live a normal healthy life.



Prem Seva

Rajesh Park View C/7

Vakola Pipe Line

Santa Cruz (E) Mumbai – 55

Telephone No. 022/26684033

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