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Naya Jeevan means new life, this children’s home was founded on 13th March 1967 by Mother Anna Huberta, the Founder of the Society of the Helpers of Mary. In 1967, a few acres of land with a small cottage amidst the hills and greenery, was bought in Shahapur, on the Bombay-Agra National Highway, way to Nashik. It is situated in Asangaon East, Kalambe Village which is 78 kms from Mumbai.


For quite some time the Sisters had been thinking of a place for the home for the untainted children of the leprosy patients in Borivli – a place where the children could be kept under medical observation and at the same time, lead a normal life like any other children, attending school and engage them to learn and train to make their future. Shahapur is an ideal place. So in 1969 the first children’s cottage was built with admission of 3 children from Borivli leprosy colony. Many came in from other places whose families were affected with Hansen disease, place like Mulund, Kalyan, Miraj, Sangli, Pune, Akola and Nashik. The main objective of this home is to provide education, care and protection.


Gradually more cottages were built to accommodate the increasing number of children. At present there are around 150 children. Besides attending school, the children are also trained in music and dance, stitching, embroidery and are encouraged in developing their talents and aptitudes. Besides they are given Professional training like General Nursing, Teachers training, Master in Social work etc.




Naya Jeevan - Assangaon

Kalambhe Village, P.O. Shahapur

Assangaon (E), Dt. Thane – 421 601

Contact Tel. No: 02527-212352/212350

Mobile Number: 9096218433



A cottage for HIV+ve children was established on the 28th Dec. 2001. It shelters full blown HIV children, giving them health care, education and a feel of life. This home was only meant for the children of the leprosy parents. With advanced medication and awareness the number has reduced. Helpers of Mary moved according to the signs of the time. Today we come across children whose parents die or affected, the children are infected need care and protection. Therefore the home admitted children who lost their parents or are infected with HIV/AIDS. Also the children who are orphan and semi-orphan find shelter in Naya Jeevan.

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