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The massive earthquake of 30th Sept. 1993 hit Latur at Osmanabad Districts; almost 52 villages had totally destroyed. There was no limit to the sufferings of the survived population. This was the highest loss of property and lives in the history of Maharashtra. Government and Non-governmental organizations had come to the rescue of these distressed people. Relief operation was organized in co-ordination with all voluntary organization, which had brought little normality to the lives of the troubled people. We, the Helpers of Mary, a voluntary and non-profitable organization too had rushed to the rescue and participated whole-heartedly in relief work. Since the severity of destruction and suffering was too much the sisters decided to continue the work of rehabilitation even after people had received possession of the houses.

In the initial years the organization had concentrated mainly on relief and rehabilitation work, visiting the families, counseling, creating support system etc. However with the advent of improved understanding of holistic human development Asha Deep made a paradigm shift in approaches and activities, and   grew to new heights in the area of good quality programming and fruitful service delivery through experienced and qualified staff, and has been able to provide effective actions in changing dehumanizing system and structure by empowering the people especially the youth. Asha Deep has been engaged in process of strengthening the exiting services of the government and of awaking and empowering the weaker marginalized communities in Nilanga block of Latur District knowing that rural development is a basic and fundamental requirement contribution towards over all development of the Nation.



Asha Deep

Nadi Hattarga P.O.

Taluka Nilanga

Latur Dt. – 413 521

Office cell No.  9423349295


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